The Paddison Podcast

Irene is reversing osteoarthritis with the Paddison Program

November 28, 2017

We discuss how:
- Irene experienced a lot of pain and swelling in her fingers in the last 4 1/2 years
- She was diagnosed with osteoarthritis
- She changed diet based on her blood results and the pain got even worse
- Six months ago she started the Paddison Program and after the cleanse she immediately felt better
- She's now pain free and can enjoy her life again: mountain bike, yard work, kayak!
- When diagnosed osteoarthritis she switched to a paleo diet and after a first relief her pain came back really bad
- She even had a rash on her body in this phase, and it went away as soon as she started the Program
- Now Irene prepares all her meals and bakes her own bread
- Her husband is very supportive and eats all the meals she cooks
- Her colleagues and even her rheumatologist appreciate her change!