The Paddison Podcast

Johanna is pain-free and drug-free with the Paddison Program

May 15, 2018

We discuss how:

- Johanna has been experiencing swellings and pain for 4 years
- She's been on Methotrexate, Sulfasalazine ,Prednisone and also Apremilast for about two years with tremendous side effects
- Within 2 years all other options failed and she started Enbrel, but it didn't bring any stable improvement
- In November 2017, just when she hit her all-time low, she found the Paddison Program
- Within 3 1/2 months her energy is back and she's pain-free and drug-free
- Here hair is grown back, after she lost about 40 percent of it due to Methotrexate
- Bikram Yoga has also turned out to be a great energy source
- She found great inspiration and support in the Program's material and community