The Paddison Podcast

Julie is drug-free and pain-free with the Paddison Program

June 1, 2018

We discuss how:

- Julie developed rheumatoid arthritis a couple of years ago
- She had her first manifestation while on a trip, after going back home her blood values were all messed up
- She went on ibuprofen, panadine and cortisone injections for 5 weeks
- She started researching anti-inflammatory foods before being diagnosed in January 2017
- She switched to eating fruit and vegetables only, and after a week her pain was reduced by 60%
- After that, she was able to cut back on panadine and ibuprofen but went back to her normal diet
- The return of the symptoms made elastic supports necessary for walking
- Further research aimed at avoiding Methotrexate led her to the Paddison Program
- Within a week Julie got rid of the supports and her CRP dropped from 24 to 16 in 3 months