Maya Is Overcoming RA And Raising Her Children

March 12, 2018

In this revealing interview we discuss how:
- Maya has been diagnosed RA six years ago
- She started Methotrexate and went off in order to get pregnant
- After three months she got pregnant and was able to breastfeed her child with very little symptoms
- During her second pregnancy she had to take prednisone because the symptoms started to come back heavily
- She found the Paddison Program and after the pregnancy started with it
- She makes charts to keep track of the progress
- Once on the Program the flares went from every seven to 10 days, to every 20 days and finally no flares at all
- Bikram yoga has played a major part in her recovery
- She's taking probiotics in supplemental form and that helps her a lot
- Now she's not on any medications and is back in control of her situation