The Goldberg Clinic - An Integrated Approach To RA - Part 1

March 26, 2018

We discuss how:

- Dr. Goldberg founded the Goldberg Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia in 1984 focusing on chronic health conditions
- Dr. Tener mentored under Dr. Goldberg since 2009
- Dr. Goldberg underwent serious illness while attending Medical and Law school and was diagnosed RA
- He went to the Natural Hygiene Institute in Florida, lived there for year and started feeling better
- He studied many different approaches, wrote his thesis and started his own clinic where he treats RA with an integrated approach
- Dr. Goldberg stresses the necessity to develop an individualized program for each person
- Doctor Google could give very confusing advice!
- Emotional and stress related factors play a key role in their approach
- Diet is only one part of nutrition
- Environmental factors also play a big part